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Why Stay at a Private Villa vs Hotels

When it’s time to plan your next vacation, there’s no shortage of options for accommodations: From small boutique hotels to gigantic resorts, Airbnb and VRBO rentals and everything in between, the typical traveler has plenty to choose from.

But for the discerning traveler seeking a true luxury travel experience, two options in particular are front-runners: private villas and high-end hotels. While both are viable choices for people seeking a relaxing getaway, a private villa has its own own unique advantages that the typical hotel simply cannot match.

So why stay at a private villa vs hotels? Read on to learn more about these luxury accommodation options and how to choose between a private villa vs hotels for your next vacation of a lifetime.

What Is a Private Villa?

Think of private villas as your luxury home away from home. A private villa is a luxurious and secluded property with space and amenities that are exclusively reserved for you and your loved ones. Private villas can be found all over the world, from dramatic cliffside locales overlooking the ocean to beachfront paradise properties with lush tropical surroundings.

Beyond a private and secluded location, private villas often offer high-end amenities that go far beyond what the typical luxury hotel can offer — such as private butlers, drivers, in-house chefs, and more.

The Benefits of Staying at Private Villas

Private Spaces and Amenities

One of the biggest perks of staying at private villas vs hotels is the extreme privacy they offer. Much like being in your own home, a private villa is your personal space where you can feel comfortable coming down to breakfast in your pajamas.

Unlike at a hotel, at your private villa, there are no strangers sharing the pool or taking up all the sunbeds. You have exclusive reign over the entire space and all the amenities, meaning you can share special moments with only your chosen group.

At our beachfront properties, Casa BellaMar in Los Cabos, Mexico and Hale ‘O Ka La on the Big Island of Hawaii, there’s no need to fight for the best views at sunset or jockey for prime beach real estate with your lounge chairs. Instead, you and your friends and family can soak up the incredible views and calming sound of the waves in total seclusion at your own private villa vacation.

Our private villas come with an incredible array of amenities that are yours and yours alone to enjoy during your stay. From the swim-up palapa bar and waterfall grotto at Hale ‘O Ka La to the solar-lit tennis court at Casa BellaMar, you’ll have full command of the property during your luxury vacation with no need to book sessions or fight for the bartender’s attention.

Personalized Meals and Access to a Kitchen

One of the best parts of vacation is being able to enjoy wonderful meals you don’t have to cook yourself. By staying at private villas vs hotels, a whole world of new culinary options opens up.

Each of our villas has the option of a personal chef on property to cater to all your dietary requirements and culinary whims. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or have other special needs when it comes to diet, having a personal chef on hand can take the guesswork and complication out of eating on vacation.

Then of course there’s the unparalleled luxury of having someone on hand to cook whatever you want, when you want it. No more rushing to make it to the hotel restaurant for lunch before it closes at 3pm.

Love cooking for yourself and your guests? At a private villa, unlike a hotel, that’s an option. Each of our luxury vacation villas is outfitted with a top-of-the-line, well-equipped kitchen where you’ll have everything you need to prepare delicious local meals.

More Space

A major advantage of staying at a private villa vs hotels is having a lot more space at your disposal to spread out and relax. Even at the highest end luxury hotels, the typical hotel room is often only 300 to 500 square feet, hardly more than a bedroom.

A private villa, on the other hand, is more akin to a luxury estate. Not only do you have a cozy bedroom in which to catch up on your rest, but you’ll have numerous lounge areas to relax: outdoor decks to watch the sunrise and sunset, a kitchen and dining room where you can enjoy chef-prepared meals, and a living room/TV area to watch the game or feel at home after a long day exploring the local landscape. Then there’s the other sprawling amenities, such as a tennis court, private pool and hot tub area, or an outdoor swim-up bar, all adding up to so much more than a typical hotel room.


In today’s world, personal health and safety are often a major concern when it comes to travel. At a hotel, you are sharing common areas where you may come into contact with hundreds or even thousands of other guests. But at a private villa, the space is yours and yours alone to enjoy, meaning you can enjoy rest, relaxation and recreation without worrying about you and your guests’ health.

Perfect for Traveling With a Larger Family or Group

A private vacation villa is especially ideal when you’re traveling with a larger family or group. Instead of all being segregated in different hotel rooms (potentially even on different floors), you can socialize and spend quality time in the villa’s common areas. Hang out on the upper and lower decks and soak in the California sunsets at Chateau Frolic in Mendocino, or enjoy the outdoor bar and grill area with stunning panoramic views at Hale Mala’e in Kauai.

Instead of having to meet in a cramped hotel suite or public restaurant, you and your loved ones can enjoy relaxed and spontaneous moments at your private luxury villa.

Personalized Services Catering to Your Every Whim

Finally, private villa stays offer a selection of personalized services to make your vacation one of unparalleled luxury. From a concierge to housekeepers, personal chef, bartender, and drivers, you’ll receive individualized attention that ensures none of your desires go unmet. No more having to wait for a table at the hotel restaurant, or schedule your day around housekeeping’s cleaning schedule.

Plus, at a private villa, the amenities never close. Late-night hot tub sessions, early morning workouts, and late-night snacks prepared by a private chef are all well within reach when you stay at a private luxury villa.

Ready to book your next luxury vacation? Whether you're craving a desert oasis or a tropical getaway, each of our four private villas offers a one-of-a-kind luxury experience.

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