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When is the Best Time to visit Cabo?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Los Cabos, it’s off the beaten path. It’s a favorite Mexican travel destination for repeat and first-time visitors alike, and “Los Cabos for solo travelers” is a trending topic. Whatever the length of your stay, the size of your family, or your Los Cabos off-the-beaten-path vision, this is a destination that truly offers the best of the best. We have culture, and we have gastronomy, and we also have unbeatable ocean views. But when is the best time to visit Cabo? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for! Welcome to paradise, and we can’t wait to meet you.

When is high season in Los Cabos?

It depends on your travel purpose. High season for wedding and destination events generally lasts February through June, and late October through early December. You’ll find pricing for vacation rentals, wedding venues, and luxury resorts higher during these seasons, as volume floods town and demand for availability rises. Internationally renowned tournaments such as the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Tournament also flush traffic into town during the high season. The plus side is that weather is mild, with warm days for poolside or toes-in-the-sand fun and cooler evenings for fruity cocktails and fireside nightcaps. Cabo is about loving life, so enjoy!

When is the cheapest time to visit Los Cabos?

Summer months are generally considered low season, with high temperatures (think average 93-degree maximums) common during late July through September. The advantage here is that you will find lower room rates at Los Cabos resorts, vacation rentals, and luxury villas meaning an extended stay will be budget-friendly. The downside is the extreme heat, so be sure to venture out hydrated, with sunscreen intact, and with plans to return to your air conditioning firmly in place. Low season is generally the highest risk of hurricanes hitting the coast, so travel insurance, emergency medical plans, and close contact with your hotel or vacation rental’s private concierge should be maintained to make sure your trip is safe and secure in case of an Act of God.

Elephant Towels in Cabo

What are the best things to do in Los Cabos?

What you’re looking to spend your hard-earned vacation time doing may affect your travel dates also. Whale watching season is best enjoyed between early December and late April, and you can read more about whale watching season in Cabo here. Fans of suped-up and fast-moving vehicles will enjoy the Baja 1000 competition in November and those in favor of the artistic can spot local and international celebrities at the Los Cabos Film Festival, late November through early December. Looking for a comprehensive Los Cabos travel guide? Ask our amazing staff or visit the following link for further information here.

Wanting to do something different? What about enjoying your partner or family during a beachside or sunset shoot? One of our favorite photographers, Frank Tesisteco, is an expert at capturing those unique moments that you only live in Los Cabos! @franktecophoto

If that’s not your jam, why not take a relaxing spa day within the comfort of your Los Cabos resort’s premium suite? Our concierges have access to premium hair and makeup artists, as well as nail technicians, massage therapists, and general relaxation experts! Check out more information from @makeupbyjeisa. @makeupbyjeisa.

Why Visit Los Cabos?

This is a big one! Los Cabos is renowned as being the prime luxury vacation travel destination in Mexico. We have spoken a lot about the best things to do in Los Cabos, and what vacation rentals are available, but let’s discuss why visit this slice of paradise. 1. Cabo is an endless Summer, so enjoy it! In Cabo, we experience year-round sunshine. Winter is from December through March, with mild temperatures perfect for daytime sunbathing, as well as cooler nights to cozy up by that poolside firepit.

May through October is Summer! This means extremely hot days and warm nights, but your vacation rental’s sure to have state-of-the-art air conditioning, swimmable pools, and access to outdoor areas perfect for evening breezes.

July through September poses the highest risk of rainy days and potential category-rated cyclones. Rates may be lower and emergency plans are always in place, but keep in mind that hurricane season has a mind of its own. Be sure to check forecasts before venturing out, keep up to date with your vacation rental’s concierge, and be sure to stay dry!

2. The locals are friendly! It’s not uncommon to visit Cabo and make friends for life. Locals are warm, friendly, and in many cases bilingual. Don’t be surprised if you're invited for a home-cooked meal or a cheeky ocean-front Margarita. Cabo locals are constantly looking to practice their English, socialize, and welcome people to their hometown.

3. A port to the Baja!

Cabo is not just San Lucas and San Jose. Access to the capital city of La Paz is fast and easy, just a 2.5-hour drive on newly renovated roads. Enjoy amazing hospitality, quaint colonial buildings, and a very up-and-coming city attitude. Wanting to travel North? That’s a trip! Stock up on water, make sure your engine is checked, and travel the Baja. It is truly an experience you will not forgot.

100% The honest answer is that there is no bad time to visit Los Cabos. Enjoy accessible pricing (even for those researching budget travel to Los Cabos), friendly locals, some of Mexico’s most sought-after activities, premium nightlife, and farm-to-table dining. Los Cabos has something for everyone, and everyone should enjoy exactly what paradise has to offer. Contact Destinations in Paradise today to get started planning your dream destination getaway!

What vacation rentals are available in Los Cabos?

We might be biased, but we believe our stunning Casa Bellamar on Cabo’s East Cape is the best of the bunch! Nestled on the shores of the sparkling Sea of Cortez, this architectural masterpiece offers direct access to miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The villa sleeps up to 20 guests in luxury finishings, while a swimup bar, rolling grass terraces, and a private tennis court make for amazing vacation days filled with sunshine and the outdoors. Casa Bellamar was designed to adhere to the principle of eco-friendly travel in Los Cabos. Our gardens are nourished by water cleaned and recycled onsite, and the luxury villa is almost entirely solar powered. Rest and relax in the lap of luxury, whether your traveling with family or friends!

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On a final note, remember, life is an adventure! Live it with

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