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Are you traveling to Cabo? How safe is it?

oceanside luxury resort in Los Cabos

At Destinations in Paradise, our team of dedicated vacation rentals experts works daily to answer questions from families, couples, and would-be vacationers looking for a live Los Cabos travel guide. The most common questions? What Los Cabos villa rentals are available for large families? What’s on offer in Los Cabos for solo travelers? And the big one - how safe is Los Cabos? Read on to find out just why Cabo is not only safe but also the perfect destination for families, couples, and solo travelers regardless of race, religion, or preference.

Is Los Cabos safe?

Of course! Los Cabos is a popular tourist destination for first-time and repeat visitors from Canada, the United States, and the world over. Easily accessible from all major airports and often with very short flight times (think the West Coast), Los Cabos is a genuine tourist hub. The Mexican government understands that local workers depend on seasonal tourism to survive, and the rights of all international visitors are respected and cared for.

Is gang-related violence common in Los Cabos?

The short answer is no. The incidences of gang or “cartel” related violence in Los Cabos are second to none. Tourist areas are clean, safe, and well-supervised by both municipal and military police. Your vacation rentals are generally overseen by full-time security staff with easy access to police assistance, as well as locked security gates in Los Cabos resorts, and Los Cabos villa rentals. The occurrence of aggravated violence is as normally is in most international cities, rarely occurring and easily avoidable when taking safe and necessary precautions.

Cabo Nightlife

Is it safe to enjoy the Los Cabos nightlife?

100%! Los Cabos’ most popular bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are located within heavily trafficked tourist streets in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, most a short drive from your vacation rentals and luxury hotels in Los Cabos. Travel safely and comfortably by using registered taxi companies and ride applications, sticking to tourist-populated walking streets, and following standard safety precautions to avoid leaving drinks, personal possessions, and family/friends unattended. Life in Cabo San Lucas is as it is at home. Be careful, take a travel buddy, and use common sense.

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What is the emergency number in Los Cabos?

Any emergency in Los Cabos will be responded to by dialing 911 from US or Mexican cell phones, or Mexican landlines. Whether police, ambulance, or fire, a 911 call will connect you with an operator who can assist your current emergency. Staff at Los Cabos villa rentals and luxury hotels in Los Cabos are bilingual and ready to assist should you need emergency assistance.

Is there a US embassy in Los Cabos?

If you have a passport lost or stolen, or need more detailed assistance, a consulate may be your next port of call. While there is no US embassy in Los Cabos, immediate and 24-hour assistance is available by calling the US embassy in Mexico City at (81)8362-9126. Again, should you need help connecting please ask your vacation rental’s private concierge.

Will doctors and other emergency responders in Los Cabos speak English?

The answer is yes. While not each and every professional will speak English, all American-affiliated hospitals covered by your insurance will have staff available to assist in English. Hotel employees, private concierges, and staff at vacation rentals will offer translation options for you in the case of an emergency. When in Cabo, your safety is always a priority.

Put simply, Los Cabos can and should be considered safe, enjoyable, and ready to be visited. We pride ourselves on taking care of those who choose to share their valued vacation time with us, and can’t wait to see you in town very soon!

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