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Hawaii is synonymous with wild, untamed nature. From the wondrously primitive Kilauea and Maunaloa active volcanos to the spectacular KoleKole Falls, the Big Island is steeped in all things awe-inspiring, and that’s not to mention the thousands of species of marine life roaming the ocean floors. But when it comes to defining Hawaii it’s its pristine, endless shoreline that has surfers, water sports enthusiasts, and Sunday strollers returning year after year. When researching vacation rentals for your next trip to paradise, we have just the property for you. Guests at our stunning Hale ‘O Ka La villa (one of the most exclusive vacation rental properties Hawaii has to offer) have the Big Island’s best beaches just a stone's throw from their front door. Here’s our pick of those you can’t miss while on the island.

Located slightly north of the hustle and bustle of busy Kona, Hapuna Beach boasts marshmallow-soft white sands and crystal-clear blue waters. It’s a snorkeler's paradise and those with a little more experience can wade all the way to Wailea Bay, just under a mile down the coast. Bathrooms are available, as are perfect little picnic spots, making Hapuna a popular destination for vacationing families. Lush vegetation runs the length of the shoreline and its bright green foliage provides the perfect contrast to the azure blues of the North Pacific Ocean. The perfect site for those vacation happy snaps that will have your friends green with Instagram envy!

Travel up the coast from Hapuna and you will run into the tranquil Mauna Key Beach, which locals call Kauna’oa. This once-in-a-lifetime destination forms a perfect crescent and is the site of the renowned Mauna Kea Resort. Mother nature created the Kea with its very own natural rock reef, meaning its waters are ideal for those looking to snorkel, kayak, or SUP, while surfers can venture a little further offshore to catch the waves. Punch Mauna Kea into your GPS and hit the road early, as both parking and prime beach real estate fill up quickly.

It isn’t photoshopped, we promise! Gorgeous Kaunaoa Beach is popular among tourists, so plan to arrive early and lay down your towel. Spend a day snorkeling, bodyboarding, or meandering up the coast in a brightly colored kayak. Not one for water sports? Pack your favorite book and relax in the warm Hawaiian sunshine - just remember to keep your fluids up to beat that dehydration! If you have spent the morning on the sand and hunger strikes, nearby Mauna Kea Resort offers scrumptious fare in a traditional Hawaiian atmosphere. Love Kaunaoa Beach? When it comes to vacation rental properties, Hawaii has a ton, but the luxury Hale ‘O Ka La is just a stone's throw from beautiful Kaunaoa.

Also located just North of Kona, Pine Trees is a year-round surfers' paradise. Those in the know call this a reef break, so expect some rocks and natural hazards beneath the surface. Access to this popular piece of northern Big Island coastline is quick and easy via a paved road that winds around the Kohanaiki Golf and Ocean Club. Surfers will revel in summer’s S-SW swells, and winter’s NW-WNW, while a little less consistent, won’t disappoint! Bonus tip - watch out for those pesky urchins as you enjoy the water.

While the Big Island’s northern coastline is packed with pristine beaches, its southern portion holds its own. Both locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of the much talked about Waialea Bay, which is best visited during the summer season. Waialea is nestled in the heart of Kawaihae Bay, which means it’s home to some of the Big Island’s most diverse array of marine life. Snorkel, SUP, or kayak your way down the coast before retiring to the sand to soak in the sun. This spot is children and family-friendly, but access can be a little complicated, so be sure to plan your trip before setting out!

When researching paradise vacations Hawaii is sure to be at the top of your list, and the Big Island is certainly a beach lover’s paradise, year-round. The team of vacation experts at Destinations in Paradise is just a phone call away, ready and waiting to book your much-needed getaway to Villa Hale ‘O Ka La and the Big Island!

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