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What do we do on vacation? We eat! Hawaii is the epitome of a traveler’s paradise, and those enjoying our vacation rentals will inevitably want to wine, dine and venture out. When you escape to our vacation rental properties Hawaii, Hale ‘O Ka La, you have the Big Island’s best cuisine at your fingertips. Read on for our guide as to how to eat out on the Big Island, from fine dining to budget breakfasts!

What to Consider

The Big Island is known for its diversity. You will find everything from Michelin star-rated dining experiences to mom-and-pop holes in the wall. Whether you are on a budget or willing to blow the big bucks on an experience worthy of the celebrity rat-pack, the Big Island has options for you. Most locations accept all major credit and debit cards, and exchange locations are plentiful should you need to change your local currency to US dollars.

Simply the Best Fine Dining

Danger alert! If you dare to try one of the Big Island’s most renowned fine dining locations early in your stay, you may want to come back for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout! Take Ulu Ocean Grill for example. Located in the Four Seasons Resort, their Hawaiin-Asian fusion menu changes seasonally, never losing the farm-to-table approach. They source the majority of their ingredients locally and are situated beachfront for those romantics wanting to bask in Hawaii’s stunning ocean views and vivid sunsets. And to really seal the deal? A sushi bar! Check out the Hualaltai Sushi Trio to sample the premium selections on offer in full plates.

Looking to move away from Pacific Rim cuisine and go full-on French fine dining? You simply must visit La Bourgogne, which proudly boasts all of your traditional French dishes, along with a wine list to convince even the most pickier of palettes. The Duck Confit would have every Michelin-rated chef with his/her mouthwatering, and for dessert, do not miss the Chocolate Grand Marnier Souffle! Important to consider -fine dining in Hawaii can be pricey, so check the menu in advance and consider the standard 20% tip before deciding.

On a Budget?

If you are on a budget or just looking for a cheap eat before hitting the surf, the Big Island has a smorgasbord of eateries to cater to every palette. Our personal favorite is the Island Ono Loa Grill, where all things hamburger and deep-fried are spiced up and taken to infinity and beyond. Don’t forget to try the onion rings, which are melt in your mouth fantastic!

When on the Big Island you are still in the great old US of A! Consider using your standard applications for door-to-door delivery. Uber Eats functions just as it does on the mainland, providing you with the Big Island’s options within any budget at your fingertips!

Your vacation rentals kitchen is fully equipped with the latest amenities and state-of-the-art appliances. If you’re staying for an extended getaway and would like to cook indoors (or outdoors), why not visit one of the local supermarkets to stock up on supplies? Safeway and KTA Superstore, as well as your homeland favorites, are available a short drive from your vacation rentals doorstep, and your concierge would be happy to arrange orders and delivery prior to your arrival (additional fees apply). Stock that fridge and enjoy cooking in what can only be described as Hawaii’s finest kitchen!

When researching paradise vacations Hawaii, consider Hale ‘O Ka La, where Mother Nature embraces and, the food, well, see for yourself!

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