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Art Galleries And Shopping In Mendocino

Renowned for its quaint and quirky vibes and year-round mild climate, the tiny village of Mendocino is a favorite weekend getaway destination for Northern Californians and international visitors. Surrounded by famous Anderson Valley vineyards, exquisite farm-to-table dining opportunities, majestic Redwood forests, and world-class hiking trails, Mendocino offers something for every traveler, and Mendocino vacation rentals are available around every corner. At Destinations in Paradise, our staff have explored every inch of this stunning destination and shared much on our blog. Today we’re talking about art galleries and shopping in Mendocino. Read on for insider tips and make the most of your well-deserved vacation in paradise. 

Mendocino Art Galleries: More than Meets the Eye

Mendocino is more than just its village, it’s an entire county of quirks and eccentricities, a cultural haven away from home. Art is a quintessential part of the area’s history, and Mendocino art galleries are plentiful and well worth the visit. Whether you’re looking to absorb the local culture and peruse its history, or actively hoping to walk away with a statement piece to add to your private collection, Mendocino art galleries are not to be missed. At Destinations in Paradise, we’ve got our faves, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them during your vacation in paradise.

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 Chatea Chateau Frolic Mendocino Vacation Rentalu Frolic
Chateau Frolic Mendocino Vacation Rental

Anderson’s Alternatives (10550 Lansing St, Mendocino CA, 95460)

A creative gem who describes themselves as a “locally owned and operated wood gallery, custom furniture retailer, and eco-lumber outlet”. Sounds outside of the realm of art? It isn’t. At Anderson’s, practicality and locality combine with talent and design and what emerges is a true sensory experience any Mendocino vacationer should take the time to enjoy. You’ll have the opportunity to bear witness to locally sourced raw lumber be transformed into mind-blowingly beautiful statement art and furniture pieces. And the best part? If you find something you adore (which you will!) you can have your new installment packaged and shipped back home.    

Showroom Anderson’s Alternatives
Showroom Anderson’s Alternatives

Artists’ Coop of Mendocino (10400 Kasten St, Mendocino, CA 95460)

At Destinations in Paradise, we love a good coop, where talent, creativity, and shared sensibility combine to offer the discerning traveler an all-encompassing experience. The Artist’s Coop of Mendocino is nestled where Kasten and Albion streets meet, right in the heart of Mendocino village. In true coop spirit, this Mendocino art gallery features stunning pieces across all disciplines, from photography, painting, and sculpture, to custom jewelery. You’ll get to mix with visiting artists, view them in action, and soak in everything from the contemporary to the traditional. 


Highlight Gallery (10480 Kasten St, Mendocino, CA 95460)

Also situated in the village itself, Highlight Gallery focuses on fine art, hand-crafted pieces furnishings, sculpture, and the kind of creations imagined only in the minds of expert creatives. The space is filled with light, warmth, and talent, featuring the work of a multitude of regional and national artists. You can buy, ship, and enjoy once your vacation in paradise comes to an end!

Highlight Gallery
Highlight Gallery

More than Just Galleries: Opportunities for Budding Artists in Mendocino

Whether you're an admiring novice or a working professional, Mendocino offers unbeatable Pacific Ocean views, rolling vineyard landscapes, and rugged clifftop perches where you can photograph, paint, and observe. Local art supply stores have everything on hand to ensure you can create and inspire yourself. Here’s our pick of what’s on offer.

Racine’s Art and Office Supply (340 N Franklin St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437)

Loft (Fabric, Art, and Knitting Supplies) (39225 S Hwy 1 Gualala, CA 95445)

Shopping in Mendocino: What’s on Offer

No vacation in paradise is complete without a little retail therapy. Both Mendocino Village and the surrounding county offer unique opportunities for those looking to grab a gift, souvenir, or statement piece. Pick up some premium local wine in the Anderson Valley, before meandering through the winding forest landscapes straight to the village, where you’ll revel in choosing cute and quirky gifts for those you love. 

The Gallery Bookshop and Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books (Intersection of Main and Kasten Streets, Mendocino, CA 95460)

Quiet the noise and be transported to lands far, far away, at what can truly be called an independent bookstore. Here the focus is on the written word, with everything from famous bestsellers to indie self-publishers on the shelves. Curl up on a comfy couch, flip pages with your children, and shut off those iPhones for an afternoon off the grid. Friendly staff believe in one-on-one customer interaction and personalized recommendations, so you’ll be sure to walk away with reading material that’ll last until your next visit.  

Book Store Mendocino
Book Store Mendocino

Papa Bear’s Chocolate Haus (45150 Main St, Mendocino, CA 95460)

Family-owned and friendly, Papa Bear’s offers magneticly mouthwatering creations that will have you visiting more than once during your stay. Think white, dark, and milk chocolate treats, fudges, and fruit infusions. A stop at Papa Bear’s will have your kids delighted and you indulging a little more than is healthy!

Mendocino Chocolate
Mendocino Chocolate

The Village Sock Shop

Yep. You got it! This family-owned gem is all about socks, socks, and socks. They’re bright, colorful, and carefully crafted, great for chilly winter nights and post-vacation gifts. What do we love? At Destinations in Paradise, we are part of the Mendocino community, and The Village Sock Shop’s “It Takes a Village” program is close to our heart. Purchase a pair and be sure they are donating right back to the community’s favorite non-profits. 

What else can I shop in Mendocino?

The options are endless. Whether you are picking up art supplies on your vacation in paradise, purchasing a case of regional wine to share with family and friends back home, or looking to pick up art, books, and mouth-watering candies, you’ll spend hours wandering the tiny village’s streets looking for mom-and-pop shops you can post on the GRAM! Mendocino is a close-knit and loving community, and shopping locally means you are giving back to the very people who make your dream vacation in paradise possible.  

The Conclusion

Mendocino Village and Mendocino County are about stepping away from the daily grind and immersing yourself in unparalleled relaxation and cultural opportunities. Mendocino art galleries and shopping are amongst some of the nation’s best, and you’ll enjoy easy access from your very own Mendocino vacation rental, F. Contact the expert team at Destinations in Paradise, book your escape, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Read more about our Mendocino vacation rental, Chateau Frolic, here!

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