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Where's Cabo? An Informative and Personal Guide by Conrad

Where is Cabo?
Where is Cabo?

Hello! Ever asked yourself the question "where is this Cabo?" Well let me show you. Located on the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos comprises of busy cities like Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo along with the scenic Corridor that joins them. Very reachable from the United States and Canada, Los Cabos is a perfect refuge destination built on tranquility amidst natural extraditions, cultural heritage as well as adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Where is Cabo?
Where is Cabo?

Cradled at coordinates 22.88º N & 109.90º W and standing 20 meters above sea level, Los Cabos provides a direct gateway to the famous Pacific Ocean and the vibrant Sea of Cortez. The closest sea also referred to by biologists as the youngest of the seas in the world blossoms with an outstanding large body of fast swimmers and marine life.

Now that you already have an idea, let me give a couple of reminders on when is the best time to visit and avoid as well as help you decide which Cabo you would still want to check.

Indeed, living in Los Cabos was a journey of discoveries where the raw crude beauty nature merges with a strong tapestry of cultural traditions. Life here moves to the rhythm of the natural world, from sea tides and desert sands that shift with the wind. San José del Cabo gives only a glance into our past, its old heart and tales waiting in each corner. Concerning Cabo San Lucas, it is the lively, energetic side of Los Cabos where adventure fills the days and nightlife in high gear fills the evenings.

Tricks and Tips to Guide your Visit to Los Cabos

Los Cabos as a region is never closed to visitors at any one time in the year, so it depends on one's taste. The period from October to July is particularly festive, marked by an array of events and activities. While the winter months serve as an annual magnet for many merry-makers with all their rejoicing and noisy partying, summer presents a much more subdued atmosphere perfect for the tranquility-seeking and value-conscious Los Cabos traveler.

Cabo San Lucas vs. San José del Cabo

These are the best tips to use between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo: depending on what you're after. If adventure and nightlife is your desire, then Cabo San Lucas will most assuredly not disappoint in a vast variety of activities as well as a vibrant social scene. San José del Cabo is for if a more languid pace of cultural enrichment, from art galleries to gourmet dining, laid against an even more serene backdrop of beauty.

"Where is Los Cabos?" is more than a question of geography; it's an invitation to explore and experience. For me, Conrad, this place is not just a home but a living mosaic of stories, landscapes, and connections. Whether one is drawn by the call of the ocean, intrigued by the mystery of the desert or warmth of our community, Los Cabos has a place for you.

Ready to start the trip to Los Cabos? Much beyond than only coordinates, there is a world to explore and adventure. Grab your bags, bring along your astonishment, and join me on discovering the real Baja California peninsula. Across the spirit of Los Cabos.

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