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Planning a Destination Wedding? Introducing the best Wedding Planners in Cabo.

Wedding Planner in Cabo

We’ve all heard the saying “nothing is certain but death and taxes”, and it simply isn’t true. Despite international conflicts, inflation, and the big C (Covid!) there’s another timeless practice that never goes out of fashion. Cue the bells, it’s wedding time! Brides and grooms-to-be, family members, and anyone close to the ins and outs of planning a marriage celebration will tell you that visiting venues, coordinating caterers, and piecing together logistics can quickly put a dampener on that post-engagement high. Planning a destination wedding? The list of stressors doubles as you navigate your way through language barriers, currency conversions, and international wire transfers. Our favorite paradise, sunny Los Cabos, has earnt its stellar reputation as Mexico’s most popular and versatile destination wedding location. Save your sanity and don’t attempt to DIY. Here’s our pick of the best wedding planners in Cabo and why you need them on your payroll.

Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

The simple answer is yes! The planning of any destination event should be approached carefully and methodically to keep you on budget and to respect your vision. The first step? Hunting down that dream location. With a myriad of stunning resorts, vacation rentals in Cabo, and luxury villas Los Cabos has available, the sheer magnitude can be overwhelming. A qualified and creative wedding planner will help you navigate this and other planning tasks to keep you ahead of the game. Their local knowledge, language skills, and “boots on the ground” approach mean you’ll have eyes and ears in town while planning from abroad.

How do I find the right wedding planner for me?

Finding the perfect planner may seem daunting, but there are a few simple check boxes that should be ticked off before you sign on the dotted line. Start with a Google search. After verifying that your chosen pros have functioning websites and social media pages, fill out the online contact forms or DM for a more immediate response. Remember, the more information you provide the more you’ll get from your initial phone consultation, which should be free of charge and lasts typically 30 minutes. When speaking with planners, be clear about your overall budget expectations, estimated guest count, and general vision in terms of flow and additional events. Be open! You are talking to a professional, who should be clear and direct when it comes to what is and isn’t possible within your proposed budget range. The clincher? Make sure to interview at least 3 planners and sign on the dotted line when you feel that “click”.

Wedding OceanFront in Cabo

What is the first step in planning a destination wedding in Cabo?

Once you’ve sealed the deal with your amazing new planner you are ready to get started. All professionals have their own process, but most will agree that the first step is securing your dream venue. From budget-friendly, all-inclusive Los Cabos resorts and 5-star European Plan properties, to award-winning restaurants and vacation villas in Los Cabos has options for brides on any budget. Our luxury villa Los Cabos, Casa Bellamar, is located on the up-and-coming East Cape and can sleep 17, all while accommodating wedding events of up to 100 guests. Say your “I dos” toes-in-sand, or overlooking the sparkling Sea of Cortez on our lush and landscaped grass terrace, before wining and dining the night away in one of the most exclusive vacation villas Los Cabos has to offer.

Check out our guide to “How to Say “I Do” at Casa Bellamar” here.

Who are the best wedding planners in Los Cabos?

Despite its relatively small community, Los Cabos is home to an astounding number of local wedding planners and ex-pat professionals. Choosing who is right for you is a personal process, but here’s our pick of the best wedding planners in town.

Cabo Wedding Services by Jessica and Tammy Wolff

Founded by Tammy Wolff, who was later joined by her daughter and business partner Jessica, Cabo Wedding Services has evolved from a small, home-office provider to a multi-planner operation. Jessica and Tammy manage events of all sizes and their approach is entirely holistic. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of their operation, and they will guide you step by step to ensure you stay on budget, respect your vision, and enjoy a stress-free planning process. Why do we love them? Design! Jessica, Tammy, and their team have an eye for transforming any wedding venue in Los Cabos into a matrimonial wonderland.

Contact the Cabo Wedding Services Team at

Karla Casillas and Co

Truly a one-stop shop! Award-winning Los Cabos wedding planner Karla Casillas is renowned for her attention to detail and stunningly beautiful event setups. Published time and time again in popular online forums and magazines, Karla has collaborated with MTV and designed jaw-dropping events for some of our favorite celebrities. While Karla and her team take care of the planning, husband Jose and his dream team of busy workers at The Main Event Cabo collaborate to take care of your floral and rental needs. Whether you want an intimate affair for 50 or a blowout extravaganza for 300, Karla and her crew might just be the fit for you.

Contact Karla Casillas and Co and The Main Event Cabo at the following websites.

Unique Cabo Weddings by Luba Ponce

An expert in Los Cabos resorts, luxury villas in cabo, and independent wedding venues, Luba Ponce offers a hands-on, personalized approach, guaranteeing you are guided through the planning and design process in a manner that is practical, stress-free, and downright enjoyable. Fun fact? Luba is a renowned local expert in Persian wedding celebrations and Sofreh table design. Regardless of your race, religion, or preference, Luba and the team at Unique Cabo Weddings treat each and every event as if it was their own.

Whatever your final choice, hiring one of the best wedding planners in Los Cabos will ensure you navigate this new terrain without worrying yourself sick in the process. Their role is far more than just revealing the best wedding venues in Los Cabos. Reach out now, ask them anything, and find your perfect match as soon as he pops the question.

Bonus tip - Ask your chosen planner for advice as to Los Cabos vacation rentals, plan a site visit, and meet them in person before the big day!

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