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Is a Luxury Villa Rental Right For Your Wedding?

If you’re having an intimate wedding with just friends and family, renting a villa can be the best way to ensure your wedding vision comes to life. You get to have a unique location and have your wedding be the full focus instead of getting married at a hotel or event venue where many brides are getting married every weekend.

Planning a destination wedding can be stressful, and once you get to the venue, you should be able to relax and enjoy the time leading up to your celebration. A luxury villa rental is a great way to make your wedding more than a rushed event. With a whole villa at your disposal, you can take time to bond with your bridal party, barbeque and enjoy the pool with your family, and have a gorgeous wedding day.

Why Consider a Luxury Villa Rental for Your Wedding?

There can be many advantages to doing a luxury villa rental for your wedding, including:

Reduced covid risk: though the peak of the covid 19 pandemic seems to be behind us if your family and friends include people with pre-existing conditions, toddlers, or others who can't be vaccinated, there is still a large risk that comes with going to a wedding at a large venue where lots of people visit like a hotel. Renting a villa keeps the number of people you come into contact with low and minimizes the risk of covid exposure.

Extended vacation: A villa gives you the space to relax and fully enjoy your time away from home, instead of being in cramped hotel rooms separate from your guests, you can bond over meals and relax in the shared common spaces.

Limited outside intervention: In a world obsessed with social media and oversharing, it can be difficult to have a private moment with your loved ones. Create that special atmosphere with a trip to a stunning private luxury villa that only your guests can visit. This turns your wedding into a special memory that your group will cherish.

Cater to dietary restrictions: With a private chef and experienced servers that provide a level of professionalism and class to any event, you can ensure that everything is to your liking and meets your requirements. You can work with the chef to create a unique menu that meets any dietary restrictions or special needs, but still has the ingredients and flavors you want.

If you are considering having your wedding in a secluded, scenic area, our luxury villa rental options include locations in Hawaii, Mexico, and California, perfect for making memories that will last a lifetime.

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