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Avoid These Mistakes When Booking Vacation Rentals in Mendocino

Isn't it time to enjoy a fun and exciting time in a gorgeous and stunning location? When it comes to beauty, fun, and excitement, few places are as fitting as Mendocino. If you love the beach, coastal scenery, wine, redwood and local charm, then you definitely want to book a vacation rental in Mendocino.

But before you start booking the first vacation rental in Mendocino that you see on the Internet, you will want to do a bit of research. You'll quickly find that there are a lot of choices for vacation rentals in Mendocino to choose from. In fact, since Mendocino is such a vacation hot spot, there are so many vacation rentals to choose from, which can feel overwhelming. When being overwhelmed with so many options, many people make these common mistakes when booking their vacation rental. 


Avoid These Common Mistakes When Booking Vacation Rentals

  • Misunderstanding the actual location. Does that beach rental actually back up to the beach, or is it a short walk away from the beach? Just how close is that busy highway? Know these aspects about your vacation rentals before you book to ensure you get exactly what you expect out of the location.

  • Taking all the official photos at face value. Don't book your vacation rental just by the glossy photos you see on the website. Look for reviews from previous guests and consider their comments and photos before making your decision.

  • Checking the rules and sharing with the group. This one is especially important if you are booking private home vacation rentals. Following HOA restrictions, ongoing COVID-19 safety measures, and other rules are important not just out of respect for the property, but also to ensure you get deposits back. If certain rules aren't going to be okay with your group, such as a prohibition of alcohol on the neighboring beach, then you should consider looking elsewhere.

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