Image by Travis Colbert


Destinations in Paradise is a philanthropic company involved in the protection of native species in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and animals in Hawaii. They are invested in the protection of newly hatched sea turtles in Mexico, and have GPS trackers placed on adults to assist worldwide research into migratory habits to protect seven of eight endangered species around the globe. Efforts include the provision of a beach ATV for local research station to patrol the beach and protect the turtle egg nests. More than
600 2-hour old baby turtles were released last year to increase survival odds.

Image by Michaela

In Hawaii, they support the Kauai Humane Society, which is the island’s only animal welfare organization. Kauai Humane Society is dedicated to fostering respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals and enriching lives by nurturing healthy relationships between pets and people. The organization has matched funds to help transport animals to the mainland and supported capital improvements to maintain the health of sheltered animals. A dedicated van for society to use in their role as inspection agents for the Agriculture Department has also been provided to transport healthy animals to the state.